5 Good Reasons To Outsource Business Functions

Added: 28/04/2017

All businesses suffer from a universal challenge, regardless of size, age, geographic location or industry sector – mine included. None of us have enough time and resources.

But it can be particularly hard for SMEs and young businesses. We spend so much of our time building up our contacts, looking after our existing clients and trying to do everything else associated with running our business that we never seem to have quite enough time to focus on growing our business.  And, more often than not, we simply don’t have the budget to employ more staff. Or if you’re like me, you don’t want – or maybe you’re just not ready – to step into the scary realms of becoming an Employer (which is OK, by the way).

So we hit what is sometimes called the “growth plateau” and we risk no longer enjoying what we are doing. We’ve built up our business around our own expertise, we trust ourselves implicitly and we are reluctant to seek help, to delegate (guilty), or to take the next step. If you continue to try to do it all yourself, however, you are limiting your success.

I can almost hear you now, saying to yourself “But I don’t have enough money to hire help”. The harsh truth is that if we think too hard about it we’ll never have enough money to hire help. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario, but if you aren’t willing to take risks, your business probably won’t grow and will  become stagnant, or worse.

So what’s the answer?

Maybe it’s time to consider outsourcing – or in other words subcontracting – to a freelancer or other business? This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hand over your business to someone else; it means making the best use of your time. And you’ll probably find that it costs a lot less than you expect to help you to take your business to the next level.

5 good reasons to outsource some of your business functions:

  1. You can access resource not available internally, without the costs or challenges associated with recruitment and training
  2. You’ll not have to familiarise yourself with and adhere to the enormous minefield of employment legislation
  3. It can offer flexibility, efficiency, reliability and consistency
  4. It gives you access to specialist skills and expertise, which can be called upon as and when you need them
  5. It is a low-risk option for coming up with and trying our new ideas

To put this into context, consider a business function you could outsource – a marketing activity, copywriting for example. This is a time-consuming operation requiring specialist skills, but it is crucial for business success. Whether it is a one-off project, campaign or event, or ongoing support, outsourcing some (or all) of your marketing can give your business the exposure and profile it deserves, without the need to recruit permanent staff or pay huge agency fees.

With outsourcing, you choose whose service to use and when to use it, allowing you to get on with what you are best at – your business! Think of the freedom!

Outsourcing could be the solution for you.

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