Happy New Year 2017!

Added: 01/01/2017

Happy New Year! It's back to Business As Usual, not that I've been completely switched off over the festive period. On the contrary, I have used my time (well, some of it) wisely.

My emails are all now up to date and filed, I’ve written and submitted a Guest Blog for a colleague’s business (more of this when it is published), my desk is relatively tidy, I’ve completed a mammoth digital archiving session (way overdue), had a fruitful meeting with two wonderful chaps about an exciting new collaboration for this year, formed the bones of a 12-month business plan (I admit I have NEVER done this before – shocking but true!) which will take sixty7 in a lightly different direction (oooh!), and bought some shiny new pink pens!

So, watch this space for more juicy details and, in the meantime, here’s to an exciting and prosperous 2017!

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