Season's Greetings.........and thank goodness that's all over!

Added: 21/12/2016

What a roller coaster ride these last few weeks have been. I know exactly where I went wrong - I failed to expect the unexpected!

There is never a 'good' time to become suddenly and acutely ill, but the night before travelling to Glasgow to deliver a two-day conference and exhibition for a client is definitely a BAD time. A burst appendix resulting (eventually) in emergency open surgery and a less than delightful 8-day stay with the good folks at Barnsley General Hospital was the cause. There was nothing I could do about it, so I had to start the conference off from my sick bed via my mobile phone.  Luckily (yes, Lady Luck graced us with her presence in the nick of time) the meticulous planning of the event (you're welcome), coupled with the talents of my Client's brilliantly capable Events Administrator, Wendy, (who fortunately was in excellent health), meant that the event was a success. Phew!

The following few weeks have been spent "taking it easy" as much as any freelancer with bills to pay can, admiring the impressive nine-inch scar down the centre of my abdomen (definitely fit for a future battlescar competition down the pub, where I will convince myself if no-one else that it's a shark bite), and thanking my lucky stars that I was - finally - correctly diagnosed and operated on in time. Just. A close shave with the Grim Reaper does wonders for One's perspective.

Now on the mend and expecting to have fully bounced back for the New Year, I'm looking forward to making 2017 the BEST year yet for my business.  I've had time to contemplate and re-focus and I'm a lot clearer about the direction I'll be taking sixty7 next year. Lots more corporate events, exhibitions and travel, whilst growing my copy-writing client-base too; creating value, making an impact and getting my Client's noticed. I'm really excited!

So, Season's Greeting to you all. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a spectacular 2017!

Ellan xx

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