The Art of Self-Promotion for Business - a new workshop to help your marketing budget go a whole lot further

Added: 03/08/2018


Are you throwing good money away on expensive advertising?

Is your advertising effective? Does it give your customer a clear reason to buy?

Would you like a wider reach and a better return on your investment?

To build your brand you need to let your customers know about you and want to buy from you. We all have the power to influence our audience and blow our own trumpets, but too many of us feel uncomfortable promoting oursleves and our businesses.

Did you know that a well-written article, blog or social media post can be 90% more effective than an advertisement? And they are FREE!

So spend your advertising budget more wisely and join us to discover the art of self-promotion for business. Learn how to create, publish and share great, targeted content whilst permanently reduce your advertising costs - and feel comfortable doing so -  at our informative, interactive workshop in Sheffield on the 20th & 21st September 2018. Click here for more details, including how to book your place.

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