Writing with PERSONALITY

Added: 26/07/2017

I write business copy in various forms to help my clients get their message across (e.g newsletters, email campaigns, web content, promotional materials etc.) The aim of this is to influence their readers’ behaviour; ultimately making them want to buy from my client, so I need to consider the right language for each audience. 

Using natural language shows readers that you are a real person. Copy written conversationally and using familiar words makes your audience feel comfortable, which inspires trust. But there is always a line where the chatty nature of your words could so easily insult or confuse the reader - especially if they are of an older generation or not native English speakers. 

A basic example of this is the word ‘busted’, which to an older generation could mean ‘broken’ or could be used to describe getting caught, but to a younger generation can mean ‘ugly’!

 I’m a huge advocate of showing a little personality; it’s what makes us all unique and differentiates every business from their competitors. It is your only true USP and I believe it is important to inject my clients’ personalities into the copy I produce for them. But it is not something to be taken lightly! 

 For more on this subject, check out these 12 tips for writing with unforgettable personality.

 If you think you know your audience and they can handle your quirkiness/opinions/humour, by all means give your point of view or word your message in your own special way, but remember that anything published online can potentially reach millions of people across the globe – so please beware of misinterpretations!                                                                                                                    




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